35mm Film Cameras



ARRI BL4 Sync Sound Camera

ARRI BL4 Camera Features:
Rotating, front surface coated mirror shutter system, with variable shutter:180,172.8,144 degrees for BL4 and BL4s. Exposure is 1/48 of a second at 24 fps with 180 degree shutter.





ARRI III Camera Body with PL Mount c/w
    1- ARRI 1:1.85 Combo GG
    1- ARRI Right Handle Grip
    2x XLR Power Cables
    1x ARRI III 400' Magazine 
    1. View Finder
    1. Changing Bag
    1x 12v Batteries



435 and 435ES

Arri debuted two models of the 435 in 1995: the 435 and 435ES. The latter is suffixed ES to denote electronic shutter capabilities; this means that the shutter angle is able to be continuously electronically adjusted, even while the camera is running, and set to any angle within a specific range (11.2° to 180°) to a great deal of precision (0.1°). Otherwise, they are identical in all other respects. These include a standard Arri PL mount; compatibility with Super 35; frame rates adjustable both in forward and reverse between 1 and 150 frames per second, accurate to .001 frames per second; fixed-loop magazines and backwards compatibility with older Arri magazines; compatibility with some Arriflex 535 accessories; timecode capability; and a highly flexible viewfinder and video-tap system which could be switched out with other video tap options.

Other accessories and capabilities were modularly added in successive years, including Steadicam magazines (1996), an integrated video assist (1997), 1,000-foot (300 m) magazines and single frame control (1998), and 3-perf movement (2000).